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    Silent Diesel Generator Set Engine Power By Yuchai

    Product Details
    Brand ZOZHI
    Country of Origin Fujian China
    Certificate ISO, CE
    Payment & Shipping Terms
    Minimum Order 1pcs
    Average Delivery Time 45days
    Payment Method TT, western union
    Ability to Supply 2000pcs per month

    Silent Diesel Generator Set Engine Power By Yuchai


    Silent Diesel Generator SetYUCHAI Silent Diesel Generator Set


    Silent Diesel Generator Set 50HZ Model List

    Genset Model Standby Power Prime Power Engine Model NO.of Cylinder
    YN28YC 28kVA ?25kVA ?YC4FA40Z-D20 ?4
    YN40YC 40kVA ?38kVA ?YC4FA55Z-D20? ?4
    YN55YC ?55kVA ?50kVA ?YC4FA75L-D20? ?4
    YN62YC ?62kVA ?56kVA ?YC4D85Z-D20? ?4
    YN69YC ?69kVA ?60kVA ?YC4D90Z-D21? ?4
    YN80YC ?80kVA ?73kVA ?YC4A100Z-D20 ?4
    YN94YC ?94kVA ?85kVA ?YC6B135Z-D20? ?6
    YN103YC ?103kVA ?94kVA ?YC6B135Z-D20? ?6
    YN125YC ?125kVA ?113kVA ?YC6B155L-D21 ?6
    YN138YC ?138kVA ?125kVA ?YC6B180L-D20 ?6
    YN165YC ?165kVA ?150kVA ?YC6B205L-D20 ?6
    YN188YC ?188kVA ?175kVA ?YC6A230L-D20 ?6
    YN200YC ?200kVA ?188kVA ?YC6A245L-D21? ?6
    YN220YC ?220kVA ?200kVA ?YC6G270L-D20? ?6
    YN275YC ?275kVA ?250kVA ?YC6MK350L-D20? ?6
    YN344YC ?344kVA ?313kVA ?YC6MK420L-D20?? ?6
    YN385YC ?385kVA ?350kVA ?YC6MJ480L-D20? ?6
    YN413YC ?413kVA ?375kVA ?YC6K500-D30 ?6
    YN440YC ?440kVA ?400kVA ?YC6K520-D30? ?6
    YN481YC ?481kVA ?438kVA ?YC6K570-D30 ?6
    YN495YC ?495kVA ?450kVA ?YC6T600L-D22 ?6
    YN550YC ?550kVA ?500kVA ?YC6T660L-D20 ?6
    YN619YC ?619kVA ?563kVA ?YC6TD780L-D20? ?6
    YN688YC ?688kVA ?625kVA ?YC6TD840L-D20 ?6
    YN825YC ?825kVA ?750kVA ?YC6C1020L-D20 ?6
    YN888YC ?888kVA ?810kVA ?YC6C1070L-D20? ?6
    YN1000YC ?1000kVA ?913kVA ?YC6C1220-D31 ?6
    YN1100YC ?1100kVA ?1000kVA ?YC6C1320-D31? ?6
    YN1250YC ?1250kVA ?1125kVA ?YC6C1520-D31 ?6
    YN1375YC ?1375kVA ?1250kVA ?YC12VC1680-D31 ?12
    YN1625YC ?1625kVA ?1500kVA ?YC12VC2070-D31 ?12
    YN1815YC ?1815kVA ?1650kVA ?YC12VC2270-D31? ?12
    YN2000YC ?2000kVA ?1875kVA ?YC12VC2510-D31 ?12
    YN2200YC ?2200kVA ?2000kVA ?YC16VC2700-D31 ?16
    YN2250YC ?2250kVA ?2125kVA ?YC12VC2700-D31 ?12
    YN2500YC ?2500kVA ?2200kVA ?YC16VC3000-D31 ?16
    YN2750YC ?2750kVA ?2500kVA ?YC16VC3300-D31 ?16
    YN3000YC ?3000kVA ?2750kVA ?YC16VC3600-D31 ?16


    Silent Diesel Generator Set 60HZ Model List

    ?Genset Model ?Standby Power ?Prime Power ?Engine Model ?NO.of Cylinder
    ?YN25YC ?25kVA ?23kVA ?YC4F40-D20 ?4
    ?YN41YC ?41kVA ?38kVA ?YC4D65-D20 ?4
    ?YN62YC ?62kVA ?56kVA ?YC4D80Z-D20 ?4
    ?YN76YC ?76kVA ?69kVA ?YC4D100Z-D20 ?4
    ?YN88YC ?88kVA ?80kVA ?YC6B115Z-D20 ?6
    ?YN103YC ?103kVA ?94kVA ?YC6B130Z-D20 ?6
    ?YN125YC ?125kVA ?113kVA ?YC6B160Z-D20 ?6
    ?YN165YC ?165kVA ?150kVA ?YC6B210Z-D20 ?6
    ?YN188YC ?188kVA ?175kVA ?YC6A245L-D20 ?6
    ?YN220YC ?220kVA ?200kVA ?YC6MK265Z-D20 ?6
    ?YN275YC ?275kVA ?250kVA ?YC6MK360L-D20 ?6
    ?YN300YC ?300kVA ?275kVA ?YC6MK380L-D20 ?6
    ?YN344YC ?344kVA ?313kVA ?YC6MK420L-D21 ?6
    ?YN550YC ?550kVA ?500kVA ?YC6T660L-D21 ?6


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