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    Generator set Power by Perkins Engine Open/Silent 17Kva/13kw

    Product Details
    Brand ZOZHI
    Serial Number GFS-P17,GF-P17
    Country of Origin Fujian China
    Certificate ISO, CE
    Payment & Shipping Terms
    Price Quote negotiable
    Minimum Order 1pcs
    Average Delivery Time 30days
    Payment Method TT, western union
    Package Details Stretch film & bubble bag
    Ability to Supply 200pcs per month

    Generator set Power by Perkins Engine Open/Silent 17Kva/13kw

    Diesel generator sets remain the number one choice for global backup and emergency power systems. Perkins diesel generator set can start and bear the load in less than 10 seconds, and it can bear the rated load in one step. It is a solid and reliable representative, which reflects reliable mechanical and electrical performance. Diesel generators are also well-suited for utility peak power stations, distributed generation facilities (DG), peak shaving (or peak shaving) and power management in large commercial or industrial sites.

    As a mature technology, Perkins diesel generators have the following main advantages:

    Fast product availability
    Proven reliability and lower life cycle costs
    High efficiency and operational flexibility
    High-quality electrical performance
    Comprehensive service and fuel supply infrastructure
    Optional factory-treated integrated exhaust reduces emissions for long-term use in environmentally sensitive locations.

    Generator set Power by Perkins Description

    Generator set GFS-P17, GF-P17
     Prime Power  12kw/15kva
     Standby Power  13kw/17kva
     Voltage  400/230V
     Diesel engine  Perkins 403A-15G2
     Alternator ZOZHI Brushless Motor, Stamford, Marathon, Leroy Somer, Mecc Alte
     Controller  DSE 6020
     Circuit Breaker  DELIXI
     Type  Open/Silent type
     Fuel Tank  BaseFuelTank under 550kw,External Daily Fuel Tank above 550kw
     Optional supporting products  Container, Parallel Cabinet, Automatic Transfer Switch

    Generator set Power by Perkins Supply Scope

    1. Engine  Brand-new engine
     2. Alternator  Brand new brushless alternator, Single bearing, IP21/22, H insulation   class
     3. Base Frame  Heavy-duty steel base frame
     4. Radiator   40℃ for open type, 50℃for soundproof type
     5. Vibration Damper  Vibration damper between Engine/Alternator and base frame
     8. Silencer    Industrial silencer with flexible bellow and elbow
     9: Filters  Air filter, Oil filter, and Fuel filter
     10. Battery  Electric start and 24V charger. 12/24V storage batteries
     11. Fuel Tank  Average8 hours base fuel tank
     12. Tool Kits & Manuals  Standard tool kits and complete operation/maintenance/manuals for   Generator/Engine/Alternator/control panel, etc.

    Generator set Power by Perkins??????? Options

    1: Automatic Transfer Switch  2: ABB and Schneider Breaker
     3: Water Heater  4: Lub-oil Heater
     5: 50℃-55℃ Radiator  6: Fuel level sensor
     7: Low coolant level sensor  8: Extra ail, oil and fuel filters
     9:External Daily Fuel Tank  10: Water-Fuel Separator
     11: Controller options: DSE6020, DSE7320, DSE8610, IL-NT AMF20, IC-NT SPtM, IC-NT MINT,   IG-NT-GC


    50HZ 1500RPM  Silent Type

    Generator set Power by Perkins
    60HZ 1800RPM Silent Type

    silent diesel generator sets

    50HZ 1500RPM Open Type

    open diesel generator sets

    60HZ 1800RPM Open Type

    perkins open gensets


    Before starting the new machine, fill the oil through the filler port. When filling, the engine should be placed in a horizontal position and pay attention to the change in oil level. After refueling, wait for a while to see the oil level on the oil gauge, that is, the oil level you see after the oil has flowed into the oil pan is the correct value. Each oil filter should be filled with clean oil before it can be installed on the engine.


    Generator set Power by Perkins

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