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    Generator Set Power by Perkins

    Generator Set Power by Perkins

    Generator Set Power by Perkins has a power range of 10-2200 kVA, which can provide simple power guarantee

    The introduction of Perkins engines and the simplification of a range of options made this series uncompromising in quality.

    Generator Set Power by Perkins

    Main features:
    Perkins engine
    The core design of the existing ZOZHI generator set
    High percentage commonality of parts
    -ZOZHI  Series Alternator
    -Competitive housings are available in low carbon (CAL) or galvanized steel (CALG)
    -Provides 50 Hz (415 / 240V, 400 / 230V and 380 / 220V)
    High-quality controller
    -Fast and efficient repair and maintenance
    Selected options

    Generator Set Power by Perkins has two types: silent type diesel generator set and open type diesel generator set.

    Perkins diesel generator set Power range:

    50hz 1500rpm   10kva/8kw~2200kva/1760kw

    60hz 1800rpm   12kva/10kw~756kva/605kw

    Generator Set Power by Perkins


    Perkins Genset is a water-cooled, diesel generator set. It has high performance under different conditions. It has noise control, acoustic enclosures, and awnings. The overall structure of the high-quality and durable generator cover is weather-proofed and anti-corrosive treated on the surface, and the output is made of pure polyester powder coating, which helps to enhance airflow emissions and forced ventilation in all uses.

    The diesel generator set powered by ZOZHI leads the industry technology with its high quality, cheap and reliable characteristics. The generator can be controlled intelligently and has its own protection system. It has a vibration-resistant universal base that is easy to operate and easy to maintain. It also provides Perkins Global warranty support.

    Generator Set Power by Perkins advantage:

    Full product specifications and variety
    Compact structure
    Stable and reliable performance
    Easy maintenance
    High efficiency and operational flexibility
    Meet Euro III environmental protection emission standards, low emissions

    Choosing this range means you are choosing superior usability.

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